Comprehensive Services and Service

CMC Touring offers complete comprehensive visa and passport services with comprehensive guidance and hands on involvement  from beginning to end. Our team members are experienced professionals who have assisted internationally renowned talent all around the world with immigration needs. We understand every aspect of what is involved maintaining compliance and procuring the appropriate visas for your travels.

Visa Procurement

Our Visa services are designed to keep both your talent and essential support travelers legally compliant while allowing you to quickly and efficiently mobilize your team for events and opportunities anywhere in the world. Leveraging our worldwide network we have the ability to assist almost any applicant, anywhere in the world. In the event we do not have a trusted agent in your jurisdiction, we will provide step-by-step guidance for all travel visa and work authorization procurements as well as the logistical support required for executing the plan.

Advisory Services

Immigration compliance is a concern for any business or individual. For artists, athletes, and their support staff touring internationally in multiple countries, compliance takes on an increased level of complexity. The key to consistent immigration compliance is establishing the right policies and procedures and making sure they are aligned with your talent’s unique needs. In our role as your trusted immigration advisor, we offer extensive advisory capabilities and strategies for compliance and visa procurement.

Notary Public Services

CMC offers notary services make our clients' lives and immigration easier. Once documents are notarized, we make sure they continue in the immigration process without a hitch. Certain documents must be notarized in order to have legal effect. Given the inherent formal and corresponding significance of this subject of immigration and legal documents that must be notarized, state governments have deemed it necessary to enlist a trained individual to assist with their execution. A ``notary public,`` following his/her official appointment , a notary public performs as a public officer to attest to the proper execution of these important documents.

U.S. Passport Services

CMC works with the U.S. Department of State Passport Agencies to expedite new passports, passport renewals and passport amendments (additional passport pages, passport name changes and second valid passports, Real ID-compliant Passport Cards).

CMC expedites the processing of your clients' passports as quickly as required. We offer rush and emergency passport processing.

Tour Planning

We can provide assessments for complex tours and productions – including assessment of potential hires and immigration options. We are experienced in developing, implementing, maintaining, and improving processes for successful global tour productions’ immigration, work permit and visa compliance and procurement, including designing bespoke immigration execution and cross-border visa procurement strategies.

Apostilles, Legalizations, Certifications, & Document Authentications

CMC offers legalization and apostille services to authenticate a wide range of immigration and legal documents for international use, that our clients need to obtain entry clearances, visas, and work permits.

Obtaining document authentication, certification, and legalization through the California Secretary of State's Office or Foreign Consulates can be a complex and time consuming process. We are able to seamlessly integrate the process of expediting authentications and apostilles to meet the end goals of our clients immigration needs. We are capable of expediting apostilles on documents such as Power of Attorneys, foreign work permit applications, birth certificates, FBI reports, transcripts, marriage certificates, death certificates, FBI background reports, social security letters, company bylaws, trademarks, diplomas, transcripts, treaties, warrants, extraditions, contracts, agreements, certificates of good standing and more.